Hello and Welcome to HappyMomentzz 

I am Sharada Dilip Acharya , the crafter behind this Art and Craft blog.
I am an MBA Finance graduate turned into Crafter , Blogger, Traveler, Photographer and a full time hands on Mother. HappyMomentzz came together as a opportunity to fulfill my creative instinct for someone who enjoy's making handmade things ! 

Here is a sneak into work place  My Studio .

I have been crafting since I was a little girl. Sitting by my Grandmother, watching her sew and craft, it became almost natural for me to follow in her footsteps. Fascinated by the beauty of Indian saris, I went on to design & got trained to do handwork on Sari’s & Dresses. Over the years I got into painting and watercolors. I tried my hand at different mediums, each one equally interesting and challenging as the other. I have always been surrounded by many creative housewives all my life, they inspired me n build my dream stronger for being a care oriented women. More on my Inspirations here.

I started with blogging after  having my baby and went on to share my experiences here on Quilts and Sewing. Further I was attracted to paper quilling and Card making ,Till then my blog was called Quiltsnquills.

I started Scrapbooking in 2011 to organise my sons photos, but it turned into a passion when I was asked to create  scrapbooks  for friends and family there it was, the niche I was looking for.I ventured into card making to make Birthday Invites & favors gifts,

I launched my Craft venture on 6th May 2012  at an exhibition called Sunday Soul Santhe in Bangalore and then there was no turning back. All positive attention led me to the start up of  my brand HappyMomentzz  and I became a Craft-prenuer. HappyMomentzz currently is my home based business where I sell my handmade projects and take on commission work. I also do Craft shows and take up Workshops.

Here are few special mentions and features I have received so far and If you are planning for Craft Fair display here are tips on How to Rock the Craft Show !

At HappyMomentzz Blog I am sharing some of my work and craft experiences ; along way I am looking out for people with similar interest to learn and explore…….since learning is a never ending process.I am a Hobby Butterfly and I keep hopping Hobbies every season so you can see me 

Welcome to my blog, hope you find something interesting to stay awhile . If you think Happymomentzz is doing a great job ; has touched you or inspired you in anyway or even just left a smile on your face please feel free to drop in a comment . This would mean a lot to me...Thank you soo much for all the encouragement you all have given me always!

You can read all about Workshops I have conducted and updates .

Welcome to my World! Look around and tell me what you think.

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Thank you so much for visiting & taking the time to comment on my blog. I love to hear from you & truly appreciate your feedback. Have a crafty day!


Sharada Dilip


  1. Love your quilts. Good job. That's something I hope to crack soon. Perhaps when I have my second baby. xxx

    1. Hey Jezebelle nice to know that, thanks for dropping in..

  2. Hey, This is so lovely. I love your studio pics & the various crafty projects...

  3. finally someone Indian whose work I can connect with <3 lovely cards
    looking forward to learning from you Sharada:-)

    1. Thank you so much for visiting & taking the time to comment on my blog. I love to hear from you & truly appreciate your feedback. Have a crafty day!


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