Thursday, July 26, 2018

Squash book - school project

Hello friends,

When I started blogging I began with a thought of documenting my creations and learning new kinds of stuff and sharing here as my journal but today I'm sharing a creation that belongs to my 8-year-old, it's his school project - Noun folder and hence sharing this place along with him today!

I am sharing a Squash book - school project I made along with my son this week. It is special for me as we were bonding over crafting as well as learning. The project required us making a Noun Folder with loads of pictures and they requested us to be innovative in our creations.

Usually, my 8-year-old handles all his creations himself with very little help from me but this time he wanted to use my craft stash and tools so I just jumped right in! 
All mom crafters will surely understand how possessive we are about our stash :p!

This Noun folder needed to hold a lot of pictures and was advised not to be bigger than a notebook.  Something like a scrapbook was in our mind but we both wanted to try something new and then we stumbled upon the idea of making a Squash book sized 6" when completely folded. 

I knew exactly where to look for when it comes to well-explained photo tutorials for the School projects, yes I went to look up at   blog and found this 

For my creation, I have done changes as I required a bigger book. 
I have used 3 pcs of 12" x 12"cardstocks, scored them at 6" and folded them at the half and creased as shown in the tutorial. 

I have added 4 pcs of pattern papers inside the squash book sized 6x6" for highlighting and completely decorated the outer cover with pattern paper, washi tape and die cut corners.

I let my son decide what he needs and helped him accordingly. He chose to cut and paste pictures, add the titles and description. He wanted me to do the titles as they needed to be written big and highlighted. While decorating the outer cover I added the Spellbinders die cut corners and he wanted them a few places inside too so I obliged and added them in. Usual school projects he adds borders and colours but this time we added washi tapes we bought at the itsy bitsy sale for 5 rs.

This is how the completed 6x6 album squashed looks. D's school project was a hit in his class and praised by his teacher, what more can he ask for?

That's it from our side for today. Thanks for dropping in would love to know if you enjoyed our work too!! Thank you for stopping by!

Sharada Dilip


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    1. Thanks for visiting my blog:) UR comments mean a lot!!

  2. WOW this is cool and yes I too have to rack my head when the guideline from the school is to fit everything in a tiny space. Recently we completed a geography project requiring a whole lot of information to be fit into 5 pages...we ended up making a scrapbook with waterfalls and flips and folds to incorporate everything.Just today my daughter brought the book back home...I will try and take photos and post...I was becoming lazy to post school projects...your post inspires me to continue sharing again
    Dr Sonia

    1. I totally relate to it sonia ! I made an effort I make this post and wanted to give you the credit 🤗 as I know how much generous you are to be sharing all this here and I'm sure I'm gonna bug you more now,Hats of to you and Im glad if I do my part to inspire you <3


Thanks for visiting my blog:) UR comments mean a lot!!