Monday, March 26, 2018

Flower power with spring colours

Hello Friends ,
Im back with some spring theme inspirations at the Mudra Blog .Today im sharing Easy paper flowers with Mudra Cut3 Gardenia Die set

I am not a big fan of Flower making but I do try it once in awhile and enjoy it , usually keeping it simple . Today I have used shaped small flowers from the Mudra Cut3 Gardenia Die set to decorate my Mini album cover page .

Sharing some tips on Flower making
  • To shape all the flowers in this project I have used embossing tools. This helps in giving beautiful creases to the flower petals. 
  • I have used thick cardstock to make flowers, this will give you nice sturdy flowers which hold their shape well and can take a bit of crushing. 
  • But because of the thickness they need to be moistened by either misting or dipping in water to allow you to shape and emboss them easily. 
  • I have added a bunch of pollens to the center and after pulling the pollen through the hole secured it in place with a dab of glue. 

Details of the cover page
  • The cover page is 8x8" in size 
  • I have created the layout with spring theme and decorated it with chipzebs from Beautiful Butterflies, Floral Frames along with the small flowers from the Mudra Cut3 Gardenia Die set 

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