Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas Crafts for Kids

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Crafting with your kid is always fun and especially during christmas as there is so much joy in the season  itself ! I always enjoyed Christmas crafting as a Kid and decorating the Family tree was my favourite part , though we don't have a Family tree I used to go help in my neighbours :)

When my son insisted on having a Family tree I went ahead and got a Mini tree ! Trust me its more fun . Mini Tree decoration is more of a free play , the size of the tree makes it easy for them to decorate it as they like . It is engaging and the kids take responsibility and pride in it. 

This year we even got crafty with a Advent Calendar .

This is a Easy, Last minute, Advent calendar and decor ideas that I am sharing here today . All that I want to do is Make memories with activities leading up to Christmas with these are some of the   DIY holiday d├ęcor crafts we actually made along .

Make Your Own Advent Calendar - Counting down to Christmas day makes the anticipation of its arrival that much more exciting and since my son's birthday also is in the month of december this makes it special for us !! There are loads of tutorials and here's what we followed - How to Create Your Advent Calendar / Service Project Calendar

We enjoyed making this and here is what we call it Random act of kindness cards , we have 25 cards as D is counting his sleeps till his birthday . D did all the cutting and pasting and arranging with very little help from me and Todays prompt was helping Mom !!

Further in our Christmas corner decoration you can see different Santas .

There are several other santas and tutorials on Pinterest but we choose this one and now This cute cone santa sits besides our other 2 santas !

We have created these 3 snowmen using toilet paper roll and you can find the tutorial here

We even have a battery operated Santa , who dances to the tunes from Itsy bitsy to complete our Christmas corner decor .  Here are few versions of our christmas corner that has evolved over the years and the constant has been the christmas diorama - Navneet publications Model construction book - Christmas Season which we love putting together each year .

With each year we are adding new crafts  and our corner is growing to be bigger place and we are enjoying it !! 
We even are fascinated with the gingerbread house we saw last year at Leela Palace Bengaluru 

So my Jr chef wanted to make one too so Then we even tried our hands on making one , isn't this lovely ?

This is made using Gingerbread house  kit , you can find many different kits on amazon

Last but not the least posing out with a big christmas tree for the season !!

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Happy holidays! 

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  1. How fun! Such cute crafts to partake with your son!
    Hope you had a great holiday season! Best wishes for a creative 2018!

    1. A big "thank you" to you for stopping by my blog and leaving me some love. Much appreciated.

      Happy New Year !


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