Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Journal Your Heart Out Swap

Hello friends , 
As you have read in my earlier Post all about the mail art and my participation in swaps , here is one more this week . But this week I am showing you what I received in my Mail , Isnt it exciting :)

This is my first Swap this year and I received this wonderful mail from Jayana Shah . 

This is how nicely she has packed and added embellishments over the box and I cant stop admiring the tape !

Here are all the embellishments she has carefully picked up for me 

 I just love the colour combinations and how simple yet elegant the card is !!

My favourites are the journal cards and coordinating papers for them

She has handcrafted a beautiful flip book with loads of pockets and pull outs for me and this really stole my heart !

Here is the awesome spread I received and shall put to use and update soon ! Hope you guys had fun watching this !!

Thank you so much for visiting & taking the time to comment on my blog. I love to hear from you & truly appreciate your feedback. Have a crafty day!


Sharada Dilip

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