Monday, January 16, 2017

Creations with Different Types of Stamping Inks

Hello Friends ,
I am here to share a few creations I made along for the Stamping Workshop , where I introduced crafters to the world of Stamping and as well cleared their doubts about Inks 

Here are a few creations made with Itsy Bitsy stamps and Pigment ink pads and chalk inks from Itsy Bitsy :)

Pigment inks are a lot thicker and generally have a glycerin base, pigment inks are opaque and thick. Pigment inks almost always come with a spongy foam pad to enable the ink to be picked up easily by the stamp. These inks are great for stamping on card stock, and a great thing about them is you can stamp lighter colors on darker card stock and the ink color will show. Pigment ink tends to "sit" on top of the card stock and takes longer to dry, so it's great for embossing. Pigment inks are generally fade-resistant so are good for scrapbooking. They may require heat setting to dry fully.

Chalk inks are usually similar to pigment inks but with a more "chalky" finish. They used to be enormously popular several years ago on the stamping marketplace. They usually dry faster than pigment inks and are acid-free and archival so great for scrapbooking. They are also permanent when heat set so work great with coloring and watercoloring. Even without heat setting they tend to resist smearing and fading. With their matte chalky finish, they look great on darker card stock.

one stamp set and lots more to be explored !!

Here is a Stamp Review I have posted earlier 

I would love to hear from you as which ones you like the most !!

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