Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Chipboard Mini album with Sew Stamper

Hello Friends,

I am pretty excited to share something new I learnt , I love scrapbooks and Journals so here is a Mini album that lets you write your heart out .I have played along single tone colours and WRMK Sew Stamper tool for the first time ! 

The Sew Stamper is the solution for the crafter who loves the “sewn” look but dislikes sewing, and loves stamping but can’t find the right designs! Drop in at Itsy Bitsy Blog to see how I made it !!

Let's get going to see how I put this album together

First I have cut out 10 pieces of size 4x4" chipboard to suit my requirements and covered them up with color coordinating pattern papers 

Then run along the Sew stamper tool over the pages of the album 

Please see that you practice using the tool first on an waste paper and then go ahead doing it on your creation ! I even used a scale to perfect the lines :)

I have further decorated each page with Kraft stickers and 

I love to hear from you & truly appreciate your feedback.


Sharada Dilip


  1. its a wowser !! Sharada , I love your creations so much. Wish to own it sometime !!

    1. aww thats such an honor to hear that from a fellow crafter ! surely remya !
      Thanks a lot


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