Thursday, March 10, 2016

Holi crafts with my toddler

Hello Friends 
Holi , Its the festival of colours and we absolutely love it! Holi is a great time to play with colors with your kids.  I always say kids are never too young too have fun. Of course the levels of fun and play change. Follow me on Instagram for #13daysofholifun

Here are a few crafts you can make along your toddler 

I have used a circle cut out from an old invitation card and JR stamped hand and splash images in 3 colours and added the sentiment to the tag and finished it with a twine ! 

I was excited as these stamps are made in India. I played around for few days and today I am sharing my experience with you all. Peek-a-boo Designs  are awesome !!

Toddlers can make it with their hand prints and straw splashes !! 

Here are few creations that are as colourful as Holi 

Crayon Canvas Art

This picture of ours was clicked for Holi and wanted the background to match the splash effect :) 
for the background I started playing around with crayons and hair dryer. 

Water Colour Crayons

You can use them to make great quick and easy backgrounds; also for stamping. And they are easy and fun to use.These particular watercolor crayons feel and draw more like oil pastels than traditional crayons 

Hope you also try these ideas !
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Sharada Dilip


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    1. Thank you so much for visiting & taking the time to comment on my blog

  2. Awesome, bright and happy and colorful projects Sharada. I love peekaboo stamps too, can't wait to lay my hands on some!

    1. Awesome!!! I guess that is happening pretty soon !!Thank you so much for visiting & taking the time to comment on my blog

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