Grandparents Day DIY Tabletop Photo Album

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Grandparent’s Day is coming up on 11th September so it’s a good time to think about making them some meaningful gifts !
We came up with an Idea of a Table Top Family Flip Album.

Table Top Family Flip Album.


DIY Tabletop Photo Album that Grandparents will love!
Supplies needed to make your own Table Top Family Flip Album.

  • Double sided pattern papers
  • Silver snap Rings
  • Stickers / embellishments
  • Ribbon (your choice)
  • Photos
  • Punch


The inside of the album has 8 pages.
I simply cut out some patterned paper from the kit and mounted my photos (that we collected the recent pictures from the family outings) and added a few embellishments with help of my 5 year old , who was all excited making something special for his Grand parents with his and his cousins pictures in them!

This was my way of teaching him his Family tree !


We have kept the back side of the paper empty to fill in messages from the rest of the Grandkids  so once all the messages come in the album gets completed


They can flip pages and keep changing the page of display !
We are gifting this to them so they can display this on their corner table :)

Ask your kids to Sit down with their grandparents and have some quality time with them. Get them talking about what they did when they were young, (this includes their kids, not just the grandkids), what was it like, ask about their parents and grandparents, etc. This would really make their day !

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you come up with your own version of this 

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