Friday, August 28, 2015

Recycled Mini Note book Tutorial

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Almost all of us must have come across one kind of paper wastage, and that is the blank papers left behind in the school and college notebooks. Sometimes I have come across almost 3/4th of the book unused at the end of the year. I would remove the unused papers and sort them according to ruled/unruled and get them bound which was used for revision work and practice sessions. 

As I ventured into crafting I found new ways to beautify these books and put them to use or gift them. Last year my son & me made a few books got them spiral bound and gifted them to teachers. So here we back again making them, this time my son wanted to do it all by himself.


A Up-cycled Notebook - use them as birthday/anniversary reminder book, pocket sketchbook(for us, crafters), grocery list (add a magnet to the back and stick it your refrigerator), or just a To-Do many possibilities. They are quick and easy to make – and are a great size to pack in a purse or backpack

• Carton box (1 cereal box makes 2 notebooks. You can also use cardboard, card stock or gift boxes)
• Paper for the inside pages (I used ruled papers from school  books)
• A piece of decorative paper (to cover)
• Scissors
• Ruler
• Pen
• Glue stick, modge podge/ tape runner or double-sided tape
• Needle and Twine
• Button/ brad



Cut out the carton box to create the cover for your notebook. I cut a 5.5" x 8" piece for mine, but you can make it as small or large as you wish.Grab your paper for the inside pages and trim them down so they are slightly smaller than the notebook (about 1/4" shorter on all sides).


 I have applied modge podge on both ends and covered the carton completely with a leftover gift wrapping paper (You can use fabric, pattern paper or try mixed media too)
 Fold it in half and with the needle and embroidery floss, stitch the paper to the notebook down the spine (here I helped my son do it).


 As the last step, tie one end of the embroidery floss/twine around the brad.And now you have a string to keep your book closed together. There you have it, a wonderful little notebook to cherish.

Here are few other Recycled Journals I have made , If you give it a try do share with me will love to drop in some love :)

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  1. Following ur tutorial given on karaashilp blog I made few....thanks for sharing...

  2. These make such adorable gifts for teachers!

  3. Just in time i read this post. Now i will create a story book for my daughter.
    Thanks for sharing your toughts


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