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Happy Mother's Day with Criss cross cards

Hello Friends,
Mother's Day is to celebrate those people who have the biggest but quietest influence in our lives, I have made these for the lovely ladies in my Life 
For my mom who balances work and home beautifully, 

This is an accordion card with Papermania Lucy Cromwell A4 Card Kit

This is for my Mom in law has the strongest and the quietest influence on us

a criss cross card with Papermania Lucy Cromwell A4 Card Kit

Last 2 years cards I made for Mothers day are here
This ones for my Grand mom she loves receiving my cards - for a grandma who stuns...

This is a Handmade Frame for my mom with KaiserCraft Rub Ons Color Rub-ons - Mothers  ;)

Playing along

Make your own embellishments / DIY Scrapbook embellishments

Hello Friends,  I just love making my own embellishments , especially those for the detailed scrapbooks. It`s becoming an obsession to identify reusable stuff and I keep pushing my creativity out of my comfort zone. I love stationary so I mostly use Locally available stuffs in my creations or make my own embellishments available around in my house So that is what distinct my work from Others.
I have been crafting and regularly collecting and putting my scraps in good use ! I have box called Reuse which hold all the  tit bits & smaller scrap pieces ! 
                                 Here are the best few things I have tried my hands on 
1. Using Price tags  These embellishments can be used on cards  see how to make them HERE 

scrapbook cover pagesHERE

2. Sticker backing tags
These look lovely as inserts in scrapbooks as well as book marks or journal tags see how I used them HERE

                                                             3. Quilted Cardstocks
I used an scrap piece of  car…