Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Crafty Year in Review - 2014

Hello Friends ,
As orders continued to roll, and things got busy, I managed to take a break today only to realize that the year had gone by. Staying busy is a blessing  and I enjoy every bit of what I do.

Collect moments and not things and that's what Happymomentzz is all about !
After the scrapbooks my second favourites are the Photo frames, they let me experiment & recycle in many ways !

My first attempt on decoupage & loved the Love !!

Magnetic mini frames size 4x4

alarm clock magnetic frame 


 table top frames size 8x6

Mini magnetic frames 
I think this has to be my most favorite from all the ones I have created so far :)

Here are few projects I have worked & couldn't share much on details... incase you need to know more please feel free to comment or mail me will be happy to help!

Happy New Year!!


  1. Such beautiful creations. Dropping by to Wish you and family a Happy and Fantastic New Year 2015
    Dr Sonia
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