Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Birthday Pop Up Box Card

Hello Friends ,
The Pop up Box card is  one of the easiest 3 D card designs and no wonder it has become so popular .
I’ve been making a lot of these popular pop-up box cards lately!
 A card that turns into a beautiful box.. measures 8"x6"...... the beauty of this card is that it can be folded flat and tucked into a envelope 

 There are two little folded strips inside the box to which you attach stickers and  images you want to be part of your card. I am a sticker lover and I have used several different stickers on this card. I stamped wishes on the four sides of the card!
You can leave the back piece of the box unfolded and put a long layer on the back if you want to write a greeting.

These cards are really fun to make! Remember, it folds flat and fits inside an envelope as long as you are careful where you place your popping up images.  Lay the card on your envelope so you see how much space you have.

I had fun making it :)


  1. Hi Sharada!
    Great to see your new blog!
    Your pop box card is simply amazing!

    1. Thanks a lot sarah for dropping in! Glad u liked it!


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