Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year !

Hello Friends,

A Friend of mine wanted to gift something handmade with ♥ for His Love, a card each month with Teddy bear & flowers being her all time favourites ! He even went ahead & made a few cards along with me!! Learnt to quill ;)

Finally a Joy fold Birthday card to complete the 12 months of love ! Wishing them all the best!

Happymomentzz my page of creations got recognition in the media!

A big THANK YOU to each one, who has stood by my side, trusted my talents and appreciated my hard work! Thank you for those beautiful themes, feedback and compliments I've received at each step! It's made my journey so wonderful! This is just the start! There's much more to come.............

My First interview 

Thanks for dropping in 

Wishing You All a Great 2014!


Thanks for visiting my blog:) UR comments mean a lot!!