Friday, September 6, 2013

Winnie The Pooh quilled name plate

Hello Friends 

Today I have a quilled name plaque in Winnie the Pooh theme !

I am sharing a step by step pictures of making this name plate :) I have used only basic quilling here!

This art is also called Quilling Typography
It requires a lot of patience and nurturing, just as you would take care of a baby. Moreover since it's paper, making corrections is extremely difficult. Everything we do is a learning process and paper has its limitations because it is very fragile.

However, there are also few crucial points I would like to add in keeping your typography neat and tidy:

I like to use PVA white glue for all my typography works. It dries faster and hold your paper pretty nicely. A quick tip: I usually put a dash of pva glue on a paper plate and leave it for a while. By the time I started quilling, the glue would be sticky enough to hold the quilling shapes and dries faster. It would also be easier for you to clean if you mess up. 
If you’re just starting typography, use thicker paper for the typography outline. 
The bigger the letters, the easier it is to quill. So start with big-sized letters. Once you’re familiar with it, you can give smaller-sized letters a try. 
Practice makes perfect. With lots of practices, and researches, I’m pretty sure that you’ll find your own favourite style :) 
Typography quilling is one art that requires lots of patience, and sometimes it took me days, or even weeks to finish (and few papercuts here and there). Don’t easily give up. The above tutorials are THEIR ways of doing it, but you can always bend the ways, and create your own. :) 

Give it a try, and good luck!

This is the name plate after being framed :) The receiver is a 3 yr old toddler n he loved it!!

Here are few of my previous quilled plates 

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Sharada Dilip

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Faux Lattice Window Card

Hello Friends ,

Today my son asked me something really sweet , He wanted to know weather I shall be making cards for my teachers too like the ones I made for all his favourite teacher!

This struck to me, I had to make something special for someone who has taught me everything !

Your Inspiring words & Touching Gestures,

Made me what I am & Who I am .....

any amount of thanks wouldn't be enough ,

I love creating this project with 


Quilling strips for lattice window
quilled roses from 5mm quilling strips
Ribbon lace 
Inked the roses & lattice window with baby pink stamp pad!

Here is a small note attached inside for all that I wanted to write for my loving Madam! She just celebrated her 60th birthday so this card went in for wishing her for her birthday & teachers day !

Thanks for being my inspiration!

I am playing along 
DCAM -Shabby is Chic!
PPS -Anything Goes!

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Toddlers Teacher's Day creations

Hello Friends ,
This Teacher's day me & my son geared up to make some lovely cards for the teachers & wanted to make a fun theme so we choose to make teddies , bees n butterflies :)

Here are some lovely ideas on how make a teacher's day card with your Toddler.

This year Dhruv choose to colour or else he gets only to stick :) I printed out lovely pages for colouring and he did his job well. He doesn't colour inside the lines yet so cut it out n let him stick it on the card stock :) I added a printed sentiment inside the card .

We decided to make cards for all the teachers in his pre-school as this will be his last year here . So we finally made 12 cards !

 We are making use of 6x6 card stocks from ItsyBitsy!

 I felt the urge to make window cards seeing the lovely teddies dhruv chose to colour :)

I made the best use of my embossing folders in all the cards we made :)

we made a few cards with teddy bear punches card with lil hearts on them & used the cute teddy tapes too

One more window card with rainbow colours :)

Here we went ahead with tapes & border punch instead of embosing!

some more cards with doillies & dragonflies 

 Here is a special card which went along with a handmade book !

Handmade mini note books made from old note book papers ! 

Here are the cards finally packed with some awesome handmade gifts along ! 
I have decorated the envelope with the tapes I have been hoarding from long! I guess I put them in good use this season!

We had loads of fun making it :)

Last year we choose to send to school  my sons Favourite story " The hungry catterplillar " photo card  !

Hungry Catterpillar 

So what have You been making for teachers day ?

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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Teachers Day Crafting!

Hello Friends ,

I am very excited today , as I have a guest on my blog today :)

Dhruv loves colouring ! So asked him to colour his fav "Teddy bear" pic ! He doesnt colour inside the lines yet so cut it out n let him stick it on the cardstock :)

printed out the wording fit for the card !

Its easy peasy.....all excited to make many more such gifts

I just love the fact we both are creating together & he loves helping mom these days ! 

Dhruv & me got a chance to participate at a inter preschool competition 

We created a picture of nature with Hand prints and leg print .

We created the sun , flowers and the little elements with finger painting or thumb prints 

This is what we created :) 

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