Explosion box - Musculine theme

Hello friends,
I finally made a Explosion box single layer for now ;) my first attempt ! Wanted to surprise my husband as he was bored of seeing me do only cards & scrapbooks so tried my hand on something different!!

I have choose  the colour yellow for this week & started working with this !I wanted to make it more masculine as my hubby complains I make everything in pink & purple ! I could have avoided the flowers but then when I want all stuffs relating to love how can I miss keeping flowers in it! 

I used all the words he often uses on the corners of the top corners !

Inside is a single layer & a treat box! Here I couldn't resist myself & went ahead with & purples !
Treat box is recycled from my empty double sided tape roll ;)
Here I have used pink & purple stars also :)

Here I have used dies to cut my photo's & behind every pic i have used stickers :)

The treat box opens up & was filled with my hubby's favorite chocolates & This one did surprise him ;) He has taken this to his office n it holds a special place on his table now !!!

Thanks a lot for dropping in !


  1. Ha Ha it still is gorgeous and girly!! Psst let me tell you a secret..wanna impress the guys try origamic architecture..they drool over it. Here are some links :Origamic Architecture

    1. oh that was real quick comment from you! surely I will try it on him :) thanks for the secret !!! hehehe thats true !

      thanks for dropping in :)

  2. It beautiful Sharada ! You know what...I have been meaning to do a masculine card but not matter how much I try the card turns out girly: D ! So addicted to use flowers ..that it becomes difficult not to use them.

  3. beautiful explosion box sharada, certainly your husband must be thrilled to receive this


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