Friday, June 14, 2013

Father's Day craft with my toddler :)

Hello friends,
Feels wonderful being back to crafting after a long vacation :) !!
With the Father's Day round the corner Dhruv & me are busy making stuffs for his Dad this time.
Dhruv made a lovely card for his dad at school with a personal message in it.

Last year we made Hand tree for grand dad's & Dhruv's dad wanted one for him too , dont know why we did not make one till now for him so today we sat down & made this one which turned out the best !!

You can check the earlier creations here -  HEART Tree for the super hero's

HEART Tree for the super hero

First we trace the Toddlers Hand and cut it out to adhere it an A4 card stock here we used a orange one because the kiddo chose so. We have used glittered felt hearts for the fall look  & "FAMILY" tag from -itsy bity store.We even added an fence and grass to the creation as an addition making it different from the last creations.Dhruv was fine with me adding a lawn & a fence along on this creation !!

Keeping DHRUV busy apart from playing with him, we are do share what you are doing or if u create inspired by us:)
Here are other 2 creations done earlier for the season 

I scream U scream for ICE CREAM:)

Thank you so much for visiting & taking the time to comment on my blog. I love to hear from you & truly appreciate your feedback. Have a crafty day!

Sharada Dilip