Monday, September 17, 2012

toy storage solution:)

Hello friends,
I have been off  from blog land as I was busy with crafting couldnt make time to write but will soon make it up for all those day soon:)

I have chosen to take off from carfting for this month as I have loads of plans to spend time with family!! Firstly we just got back from an vacation of 10days at goa . I shall be going off to mangalore my hometown for few days this month ends as we have pooja's & rituals to be performed.

Today I decided to sort out my sons toys (room full of toys) as they are a mess around the house. I usually craft when he is asleep during noons & avaid doing all this work as it drains out loads of my energy!! Dhruv is not ready to giveaway even the broken tyres of the car leave away the broken cars. 

The day had finally come & I had to do it today so I started seperating it so I could decide on what to donate & what to keep , I found that I had more to keep than to give & didnt want to dump them back in the toy bag so I decided to store them in an organised manner.

Here's the box I had had saved it for today

I used both the ends of the box as sepeate storage boxes ,
as my son wouldnt need anything to be covered.
I have used PP's & leftover gift wrapping paper to cover the sides of the box!!
Keeping in mind usage of the 2.5yr old I havent embellished it much,

One box I have used to sort all the peices of his puzzles & other one for sorting his train tracks:)

I got this die cut train from my carfting friend Jaya:)
I am soo happy that it fits in right & can be stacked over too!!
 Finally I carfted again today......hehehe......
I have some more toys to sort & to make & shall be posting them soon &
will have a whole picture put in together!!
Thanks for dropping in :) do leave a comment if you also have found some interesting way to store ur kids stuffs would love to see!!
good day


  1. I love this storage idea so much Sharada and its so practical and pretty at the same time!!! i think i will have to borrow this idea to make my son something similar...he is 5 1/2 years and has the same problem about letting go any of his toys or toy pieces!!..Thanks for the inspiration :)

    1. Thanx a lot hussena:) happy that you liked the idea so much, will be waiting to see ur creation!!I am a big time fan of ur creations:)


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