Friday, July 6, 2012

I scream U scream for ICE CREAM:)

Hello Friends,
I am loving it......... crafting with my lil son Dhruv:)
The joy of crafting with kids is always double , my joy increases while he wants to do stuffs with me!!

Here is a CONE ICE CREAM made by us both,
handmade ice cream cone

We made a paper cone from an orange handmade paper, stapled it to fix the edges,
The vanilla scoop was made by stuffing a news paper ball which dhruv loved making &
glued some cotton over the top.

we even made a paper spoon as dhruv loves eating his cone with a spoon:)
It contains a lovely msg too
& no prize for guessing

Dhruv loves gifting all his creations to his Dad!!!!
Its like we are celebrating each day as Fathers day........

We loved the challenge & sending our creation to

Good Day


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