Tuesday, May 15, 2012

PRINCESS DIARY - Baby Scrapbooks

Hello friends,
Making a quite a number of mini albums & baby scrapbooks:) these days
Enjoying scrapbooking these days so sharing a few pics of it!!

 This one's for my sis in law who wanted to gift a year book with each month pictures

Handmade customised baby albums for all your lil ones ,
20 pages with 20 picture spaces

I loved the way it came out!

Here's one more Princess album cover page couldnt take pics of each page before delivery

Thanx for visiting


  1. I came here after your comment on our scrapbook. Lovely stuff Sharada. Really creative! Your blog is superb

    - Itsy Bitsy Team

    1. Thnaks for dropping in, ur comments mean a lot


Thanks for visiting my blog:) UR comments mean a lot!!