Monday, April 2, 2012


Hello friends
thanx for ur awesome response & love for the guest blogger, I hope i continue introducing you gr8 people around me...........

This month I introduce you all to one of my wonderful crafting friend

Hi! I am Richa.

I have had my hand in something creative my whole life. I have no idea where I got it from. My wonderful mom always supported me and now it is my sweet little daughter who keeps me inspired.

I am mom of a cute five year girl, wife to a man who is trained to say, "Wow, you made that?", and also a recruitment freelancer. I like to work out but I counteract that with my love of paanipuri, jalebi, icecreams etc….I adore photography, DIY projects, arts & crafts, and it seems like I always have a few projects going at a time. I love getting new ideas and feeling inspired.

When did you discover the crafting talent in you?

I have had my hand something creative my whole life, be it craft, cooking or DIYs. I have no idea where I got it from- my wonderful mom always supported me and now it is my sweet little daughter who keeps me inspired.

For how many years have you been in this field of art n craft? Share some memorable moments with us.
Is crafting is your profession? If yes, what makes to choose it.

I have been creating little bits since I was tweleve something.  I learned to paint and bake in my school summer vacations.

I cherish all the moments when I make something beautiful and my daughter takes pride in it.

Crafting is more of a hobby for me till now because I do recruitments as my day job.

In what type of crafts/paintings you deal with, which is your most favorite work?

I love to work with unique materials and make something different. I remember once I have fallen in love with tar, the road making material and I made beautiful shiny vases, photo frames with it.

Actually it changes every few days. Whatever I am hooked to currently has always been my favourite work and my center of creativity. Once it is done, I move to something else. And I think it happens with all the creative souls.

What do you consider as your strength and weakness in crafts?

Whenever I plan to make something, I keep searching on that particular topic and get inspired by many ideas but when I finally make it , it comes out as a total unique piece. I think I would call it my strength. And as per as my weakness is concerned, I have always had a fancy towards the crafts where I can see the outcome fast. Creating something which takes days makes me lose my interest somewhere on the way.

Where does your creativity come from? What inspires you to create?

Most of my work can be called up cycling because whenever I see and old piece of something lying in a corner , I keep thinking about it till I come across to a fantastic idea about how to turn it in a beautiful craft.

What is your future plans in crafting?

 I keep daydreaming about making beautiful crafty things, being in craft exhibitions with people I admire, appreciating my stuff.

Thank you so much for spending some time to answer my questions, it was great knowing more about you!!

good day