Monday, March 5, 2012


I shall be hosting a GUEST BLOGGER on MONDAYS from this month onwards & shall be blogging about those crafty souls around me who inspire me as well arent blogging :) I would like you to be a part of it.....

Please welcome Mrs. Viraja Aruna Acharya, my aunt in law & very well known crafter at RAVELRY
Please feel free to introduce yourself and share a little something about yourself.

I am Mrs Viraja @Aruna Acharya. I am a SATM { Stay AT home Mother!!}
I learnt crochet & hand embroidery  from my mother at home & from my craft teacher in High school!!!
 I was doing these two crafts whenever i get free time before my marraige & after  till my daughter was a kid. After that  on & off…as there was a great  responsibility of bringing up two children & their  school activities!!  After a long break of almost 22 years  when my daughter went to Bangalore for higher studies she gave me new ideas to crochet. I am very thankful to my daughter because of her inspiration i revived my crafty nature again!!!
Now i am addicted to  my crochet & hand embroidery .!

When did you discover the crafting talent in you?
When  i completed my Bachelor of Arts degree & was at home before my marraige i myself came to know that my hands have a problem, that  they can’t be still !! So I always have needle for crochet or  sewing needle for embroidery or books for reading !! hooks or books in hand!! ...wanted to do something or other!!

For how many years have you been in this field of art n craft?
I am in this field from my childhood  & now more active!!

In what type of crafts/paintings you deal with,which is your most favorite work?
I do crochet ,Hand embroidery, sometimes fabric painting & some other crafts! i do other crafts also. Crochet is my favorite work!!

What do you consider as your strength and weakness in crafts?
Crochet is my strength, & needles ,yarn ,threads r my weakness!!

Where does your creativity come from? What inspires you to create?
Creativity is in my mind..whichever things i see i feel like that it can b converted into crochet  !!!.... whether it is pastic box or a broken lampshade,whether it is  shoe or a oil tumbler..that  can b converted into a beautiful classy crochet  piece !!!

Of all the things you've created, what's your most favorite and why?pls share us the picture of that art.
This is the difficult question to answer !! Each & every piece created by me is my favorite!! I love each piece ! I But in hand embroidery there is a saree which is my "Master piece" .

Who is your favorite crafter and why?Do you have any role model?
My mother Vasudha & my  Aunt Vimala r my Role models .As my mother was my pillar of strength & my Aunt is the inspiration who supports me whatever i do till date!!!!

DO you have any dream project?
My every product is my dream come true projects.But some crochet projects are there which i consider as Dream projects!!!!

Thank you so much for spending some time to answer my questions,