Monday, January 23, 2012


Hi Friends,
As my blog name suggests QUILTS are my favorites &

Here's what I have been doing for past 2 weeks

(I know its a long time for such quilts but with my son's sleep patterns n timings I could make it up)

kitty sisters, 2 quilts-

Baby quilt 27" by 37"

Used cotton materials chose only PINKS n spots with grey 

I also like how the front, baking and the binding go together...

applique kitty made from felt cloth with ribbon n pearl

 Quilt with 2 kitty's for the toddler

Kid/ Toddler  quilt 47" by 57"  

I am so very obsessed with spots & here also I have used only spots n polka dots for this quilt all in pink


 These are ready and packed now...

Handmade bag for the 2 quilts:)

This is my creation on request of my BLEND JC  for her 2 lovely daughters
This is the first time I made quilts soo fast as well in such big sizes especially the toddler size:)

I am glad I extended my boundaries n reached out for more
Thanks JAYA for believing in me!!

M soo glad to be a part of

Its been very inspiring and helping me learn traditional quilts
I haven't started making but I love to blend applique's in my quilts just like my past quilts.



Thanks for visiting my blog:) UR comments mean a lot!!