Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rotary cutter and Self Healing cutting mat

Hi Readers,

I have been on and off from the blogger land for more than a month now but before I go for my one more vacation I shall want to share what I have been up to all this month away from blogging!!!

First of all " BELATED DIWALI wishes " to all my readers ..........

Well my visit to my in laws turned out gr8 with my lil "D" having gr8 fun and me quilting. I shall have more updates on it soon !

The Best part of diwali comes here............

A surprise gift -   cutting mat and rotary cutter straight from chennai

A Sew or Craft essential Rotary cutter and Self Healing cutting mat 

A Sew or Craft essential - Rotary cutter and Self Healing cutting mat 

A self healing cutting mat helps you protect your working surface when cutting. This great quality mat, with grid lines on one side helps with effortless straight cuts, both sides are self healing.

They are perfect for sewing, card making, scrapbooking and more. This cutting mat also includes heat-resistant qualities and is odourless.

Olfa Deluxe Rotary Cutter 45mm and Circle cutter

I have used the cutter for cutting through two layers of thick velvet fabric and was delighted in the clean cutting line it achieved, minimising the fray in the fabric. Using the cutter reduced my cutting time, fantastically.

Thanks a lot to my Mom in law and my Hubby for making it really special for me .

I even went shopping at  ITSY BITSY  and added a  handful of punches to my stack
Itsy Bitsy is India’s no. 1 Hobby, Arts & Craft Store, a one stop shop for all creative supplies & also the largest manufacturer & Retailer of the finest range of Hobby & Craft supplies in India!

all this made my diwali gr8 one...........

These days I have a new Hobby  and I'm crazily enjoying making cards as the occasions are lined up m busy with it - 

1. My aunt's 25th anniversary

2. granny's 75th bday dad's anniversary

4.Hubby's n Mine anniversary

5. hubby's birthday

last n not the least 

My Lil Dhruv is turning 2 this DEC!!

Im busy preparing n off from bloggers land for a month n away from crafting as I have promised my time for my loving family but will b reading on my google reader catching up with all ur activities!!

thanks for stopping by

good day

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