Saturday, July 16, 2011


Hello Friends 

Sharing Something about me here 

I like sketching, painting, embroidery, patchwork, applique, sewing, reading & blogging… apart from being a fulltime mom to my 19months old son I would prefer to spend my time doing something creative !! 

Following my dreams now I have started fresh…and I  am looking out for people around with same interests so I started to blog .

I have been surrounded by many creative housewives all my life, they inspired me and built my dream stronger for being a care oriented women.

 My maternal grandma inspires me even today ; the grandma patch quilts I learnt from her, to make all the flowers patiently matching colors n patches. 

My mom who inspires me and pushes me into all such activities ... she has  supported me for everything I wanted to do and learn!! I have learnt it all because of her from painted bed sheets,  tanjore paintings, glass painting, ribbon work, kamal kadai n what not…

My aunt [mom’s sis] designs dresses, does embossing, engraving & embroidery on sarees n dresses. 

My sudha madam was my first teacher, she introduced me to the world of thread n needle, she taught me embroidery stitches, designing n my love for it.

My neighbour aunty who gave me an opportunity to embroidery on a sari which she sold at her boutique and strengthened my dreams.

However, none of this would have been possible if not for the immense love, companionship and support of my husband who is the reason for who I am and where I stand today creatively. He is my strongest critic who has always believed that I have it in me to do better and pushes me to open up and go for it.

Thanks to all these people for being a part of my dream now I want to make it big. 

Goals 2012

I am planning my workshop by next year so the preparations are on. 
Here I am sharing some of my work and looking out for people from same interest to learn some more…….since learning is a never ending process.

 I intend to introduce you all to few of the work of those ladies who have  inspired  me  through my blogs.

thank you!!


  1. You have a beautiful blog Atiya. All the very best for your work shop, looking forward for that.

    with regards

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog:) UR comments mean a lot!!


Thanks for visiting my blog:) UR comments mean a lot!!