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Gosh i was desperately wanting to finish this dress in 30mins but ended up doing it in parts but Im glad with the final result!!

                                                              front look

The backside of the dress!!
 I just love the colour & the material i could find for this dress it looks out well!!
I got this dress done reading tutotrial from AMY:) i just loved the way it has come out n thanx to AMY for sharing such a beautiful creation enjoyed every bit of making it:) for the tutorial check out : Sweetheart Halter Tutorial by

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Summer Camp 2010- QUILLING & ORIGAMI for Kids

Hello Friends, I have been learning quilling along with designing dresses & quilts ie self teaching quilling:) The paper quilling craze caught me when I was taking up “summer camp” for kids aged 5-10. Handmade pamplets for the summer camp displayed at the baords in the society.
A glimpse of the projects prepared by the kids @ summer camp 2010. We had to plan 2 different craft projects for the kids; Origami project on sea animals, This project has a whale on the top fish swiming through, crab & turle in the shore, with dough shells:)
This child wanted to make a dough turtle too along with the shells
since origami was easy we needed to teach them something new n unique which is not taught in schools.

Quilling came up in our search I had seen my cousin prepare quilled envelops n cards so took up the project n it came out so well.

All the lovely kids with their creations on the last day of class It was loved by the kids & very much appreciated by the parents.
thanx for dropping i…


I like sketching, painting, embroidery, patchwork, applique, sewing, reading & blogging… apart from being a fulltime mom to my 19months old son I would prefer to spend my time doing some creative thing!! Following my dreams now I have started fresh…, m looking out for people around with same interests… I have been surrounded by many creative housewives all my life, they inspired me n built my dream stronger for being a care oriented women. My maternal grandma inspires me even today the grandma patch quilts I learnt from her, to make all the flowers patiently matching colour’s n patches. My aunt [mom’s sis] designs dresses, does embossing, engraving & embroidery on sari’s n dresses. My sudha madam was my first teacher, she introduced me to the world of thread n needle, she taught me embroidery stitches, designing n my love for it. My neighbour aunty who gave me an opportunity to embroidery on a sari which she soldJ @ her boutique n strengthened my dreams. Last but not the least my…

Quilled Name plate

Hello friends,
I am learning to quill these days all by myself, wanted to make the first ones for my son.
Made a paper quilled name plate for my son's room!!

This art is also called Quilling Typography

 It requires a lot of patience and nurturing, just as you would take care of a baby. Moreover since it's paper, making corrections is extremely difficult.  Everything we do is a learning process and paper has its limitations because it is very fragile.

Entered the quilling for kids contest - Thanks for dropping in:)
If you make something inspired by this do leave ur link on my comments will love to have a look:)
Thank you so much for visiting & taking the time to comment on my blog. I love to hear from you & truly appreciate your feedback. 
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Hello Friends 
For all those who are looking out for cute lil dresses for their lil ones here is a sweet and easy to make strappy romper along with the Tutorial so all the work you need to get is the measurement of ur lil one!!

I made for my neice who is 3months old

I personalised it with the bug applique on it

Inspired from naptimecrafters  tutorials  I have come out with this romper...........happy its come out nice. Do drop in for the tutorial at

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Pillow Case Baby dress

Hello Friends 

"Pillowcase" dresses are popular because they are so simple to make, the measurements aren't super important, and they can grow with baby from a dress into a top.  I guess they are often made out of pillowcases but I used regular old fabric.  Thisl one pictured here fits about 0-3 months.If you are new to sewing and want to try a dress, this is the one.

Thanx to Prudent baby for the tutorial...

I just love this dress wanting to make many more:)  happy that it fits ria well:)

RIA's Jumper Dress with Spaghetti Straps

Hello friends 
Yahoo........Finally done with it........ 2hrs a day for last 3 days n 2 weeks of reading tutorials n blogs...
Finally i complete the dress I was planning for Ria :)

Thanx a lot to TO SEW WITH LOVE for the wonderful tutorial on JUMPER WITH SPAGHETTI STRAPS I would be completely lost without this !!

Applique for BABY dress

I am a Busy BEE these days, the BUG to stitch lil dresses has bitten me...
 I am doing applique & reading loads on tutorial blogs....

Strawberry for baby doll                                           Lovely Birdie
Bugging BUG
Happy that all seem to have come out nice.... will make cute lil jumpers for my Sis In Law lil baby doll.  She's 3months old lil doll RIA............


Hello friends, This is my very first write up in the bloggers land :) Quilts n quills, as the name says it all…. I love to quilt & the new craze is paper quilling!!              I quilted my first quilt for my baby when I was expectingJ!!
                                                   It is an applique baby quilt measuring 35”/21”.
I have used 4 different cotton materials along with felt cloth which stands out.
Each patch piece measuring 7”
The animal pattern has been designed by me.
Though the colour I choose was pink my son loves to use it, m happy making itJ The inspiration for this quilt came from a gift from my aunt who does wonderful quilts; this is one among her best pieces…  I just love the appliqued caterpillar on it, that’s the main attraction of the quilt. DO WRITE /POST UR COMMENTS ON THIS BLOG & LET ME KNOW IF U REQUIRE THE ANIMAL PATTERNS!! GOOD DAY:)