Summer Camp 2010- QUILLING & ORIGAMI for Kids

Hello Friends,
I have been learning quilling along with designing dresses & quilts ie self teaching quilling:)
The paper quilling craze caught me when I was taking up “summer camp” for kids aged 5-10.
Handmade pamplets for the summer camp displayed at the baords in the society.

A glimpse of the projects prepared by the kids @ summer camp 2010. 
We had to plan 2 different craft projects for the kids; Origami project on sea animals,
This project has a whale on the top fish swiming through, crab & turle in the shore, with dough shells:)

This child wanted to make a dough turtle too along with the shells

since origami was easy we needed to teach them something new n unique which is not taught in schools.

Quilling came up in our search I had seen my cousin prepare quilled envelops n cards so took up the project n it came out so well.

All the lovely kids with their creations on the last day of class
It was loved by the kids & very much appreciated by the parents.

thanx for dropping in
Good day


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